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Board Meeting

Tuesday April 10
Floral Valley
7 PM

Corrections to Cider Press: (printed edition)
There were two incorrect dates published in the printed version of the March Cider Press.
1) Elevated Youth will meet on Wednesday, March 21st (not March 15th as printed).
2) Campers Village will open on Saturday, April 14th (not April 21st as printed).


Lifeguard Training Offered by AVPOA

Apple Valley will hold lifeguard classes beginning, April 2. The class is $175.00. To register, please come into Floral Valley to sign up and pay. Classes will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You must attend all classes. You must be 15 to take the class. Please bring proof of age to first class. Items needed for class: swim suit, towel, goggles (optional), paper and pencil.

Any other questions contact Amanda at 740-397-1027 or [email protected]


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