2019 Spring Buddy Bass

By Bonnie Perkins

SPRING BBT TOURNMENT was held Saturday on May 11,2019. It looked nice, but the wind was a constant issue for fishermen and ladies. We had a great turnout and have to thank all those that turned out to support the fisherman and watch the weigh-in.

I would like to thank Jim Ferrell and his family for kids fun and games as well as Bonnie Peck for helping. We again had the great Toth and Team Realtors, Sherrie & Joe, serving hot dogs, chips, and drinks for donations. Janice Jones made the beans for our supporters and Bob Jones made arrangements for Rural King popcorn for our enjoyment. Jenn Shaffer was there to take pictures of the fish & fishermen for the Cider Press. We had wives, sons, brothers, and partners of all shapes and sizes participating. It was great!

Thank you to all our volunteers, mostly the Cowgill family, without whom we would be struggling to make it happen. They helped check boats, served food and filled popcorn bags, served as cleaned up crew, and shopped for food. Lots of running! THANKS TO ALL!

The standings were:
#1 winner was Matt and Gary Kelley with 16.93 lbs.
#2 Bill & Will Englefield with 16.54 lbs.
#3 Randy Peck &Corry Lindsey 16.49 lbs.

Big Bass was 4.96 lbs. caught by Brian Stickel and he generously donated $210.00 of the winnings back to the Fish and Restocking club.

Total weight @ weigh in was 265.28 lbs. and 117 fish. We also have to say an extra "thank you" for the support of Steve Webster for all the support you give to our club,  money that buys the trophies, and all the fishing gear that we use for prizes and other fund-raising programs. Thank you to all for the support we get from the you in our community also.