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Floral Valley


850 Crestrose Drive, Howard, OH 43028
Phone: 740-397-1027 (after 2 pm)

Regular Hours:
Mon-Fri (2-8pm); Sat (9am-9pm); Sun (12-8pm)
Fitness Member Hours: Mon-Fri (8am-8pm); Sat (9am-9pm); Sun (12-8pm)
(Fitness early access does not apply on the weekends)

Built in 1985, this building is approximately 80’x120’ in size and houses the indoor pool as well as a large banquet area, kitchen, lounge room, small meeting room and indoor recreation tables.

This facility is often used for Apple Valley functions, clubs, and is a popular place to rent. During the winter months the center is used for roller skating on Friday nights when scheduled.

Here you can:
  • Pay your assessments
  • Obtain your property owner ID card
  • Purchase family passes or boat decals
  • Renew Fitness Membership
  • Swim, lounge, and play games
  • Rent small pool room for parties (property owners only)

Property Owners may bring a guest (up to 6 guests for a small fee). Please sign your guest in at the desk.

Directions: From the front entrance, turn left on Apple Valley Drive and continue approximately 4 miles, then turn left on Crestrose Drive. The entrance to the parking lot will be on your left.