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Forms, Fees, & Rules

Beach Shelter Request
Designation of Primary Owner Form
Designation of Primary Owner Form (Co-owned Lot)
Family Pass Form

Prop. Owners Time Sign Up Sheet (for Board Mtg)
Compliance Inquiry
Employment Application

Intent to Rent
Lot Management

Fees (as of Feb. 1, 2018)

Annual Maintenance Assessment (Mandatory per lot owned)   $215.00/lot
Co-owner Fee   $215.00/co-owner
Dependent Cards   $5.00 ea.
Renters Fee   $360.00/yr.
Guest Fees   $2.00/guest
Family Pass    
Fitness Membership   $50.00/assessment yr. (April 1-March 31)
$120.00 (family - 3+persons)
Access Card (One-time fee if not lost or damaged. Those already holding an access card will only need to pay the membership fee.)   $10.00
Boats Decals   $36.00 (powered)
$14.00 (non-powered)
$30.00 (guest boat)
Facility Rental Fees   Click here for more information.
Camper Village Fees (additional electric charge for seasonal)  
$730.00 (seasonal)
$50.00/yr. (site lawn care)
Click here for more information.
Marina Docking Fee   $365.00 + $36.00 (decal)
Marina Tie-Up Fee   $200.00 + $36.00 (decal)
Inside Storage (less than 22')   $350.00
Inside Storage (more than 22.01")   $450.00
Outside Storage   $150.00



Governing Documents and By-law Violations
Architectural Rules and Regulations
Common Area Rules
Beach Rules
Lake Rules (updated 2/2018)
Outdoor Pool Rules
Fitness Center Rules
Indoor Pool Rules
Dog Park Rules
Campers Village Rules