Lake Committee

Meetings: We meet the first Tuesday of every month at the Administration Office at 7 PM (unless otherwise noted on the calendar).
If you would like to join this committee, please contact the committee chair listed below.

Committee Chair:
Marv Briskey

Mission: The Lake Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters of safety, maintenance, and preservation of the quality of Apple Valley Lake.

Purpose: As an operating committee, the Lake Committee’s authority is limited to making recommendations to the Board of Directors and operates at the pleasure of the Board. This Committee must be concerned with use of lake to include cleanliness, seaweed control, environmental value of the lake, safety of activities, docks and seawalls and fish stocking/population. The Committee shall monitor the condition of the lake and it’s use by property owners. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board for compliance with laws and regulations published by the State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Natural Resources Division of Watercraft. The State restrictions are supplemented with Apple Valley Lake and watercraft safety rules and other documents prepared with the approval of the Board of Directors. Based on a needs assessment for improvements or additional equipment and structures, the Committee makes recommendations to the General Manager, who informs the Properties Committee of the intended plans, and forwards the recommendations, with Property Committee comments, the Board for consideration.

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