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Landlord/Short Term Rental

Intent to Rent Form

The fields below must be filled out each time there is a new tenant(s).

Because Apple Valley is a single family residential community, the Association will recognize only one lease to a single family.

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  Article 17 - Property Use Limitations
17.1.1. Any Owner that desires to use their dwelling for a rental property must complete an “Intent to Rent” form and submit it at the Association Office prior to renting the dwelling for the first time. A deposit amount determined by the Board will be required at the time of filing, and will be held in escrow by the Association, to be used in the event that the Association needs to take action for non-compliance with the Association’s Covenants, Bylaws and Rules. The deposit balance must be maintained and will be held until the owner gives notice to the Association that the dwelling is no longer being used as a rental.

17.1.2.  A copy of all rental/lease agreements must be submitted to the Association prior to occupancy of the tenants each time there is a change of tenants. The Board may establish a fee at the time of filing.