Renter Privileges

Renter's Fee

Owner’s assessments must be paid in full in order for renters to be eligible for privileges.

If a renter of a house (lease of 6 months or longer) in Apple Valley plans on using any of Apple Valley’s amenities (including the lake) they must pay the renter fee. This user fee is not prorated.

Once a copy of a 6+ month lease is presented and this fee is paid, the renter and his/her spouse can obtain photo ID cards, which are good for 1 year or the expiration date of the lease, which ever comes first. There are no late fees or due dates, but a renter may not use amenities until they obtain membership cards.

This fee is in addition to the primary owner’s fee. Cards can only be obtained by one family unit renting a house (consisting of a renter, their spouse and their federal dependents). If the house exchanges tenants during the current lease, the renter fee is owed by the new renter and does not carry over between renters.

Renters are not eligible for Family Passes.

  Article 17 - Property Use Limitations
17.1.3. Tenants that desire to obtain “Associate Member’s” privileges shall comply with Article 3.4 of these Bylaws.