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Renting Floral Valley

For directions to this facility click on the image above.

Banquet Hall Rates

The large banquet area is often a popular place to rent for wedding receptions or other large events. This area can fit 300 people comfortably and has access to mens and womens restrooms. This facility can be rented by both property and non-property owners for profit or non-profit use. To check available dates, please call 740-397-3311 (M-F) 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

   Banquet Hall (Fri-Sun) 
   Banquet Hall (Mon-Thurs) 
   Banquet Hall
   Deposit (refundable)*

$300.00 $150.00  
   Prior Day Set-Up
$155.00 $155.00  
   Kitchen Rental
   ($155+50 deposit)

$200.00 $200.00 Must rent kitchen if used at all, otherwise doors are locked
   PA System
$50.00 $50.00  
   12'x12' Screen
   & Projector

$50.00 $50.00  
   Staff Set-Up
$50/hr $50/hr 2-hr. min.
   Staff Tear Down
$50/hr $50/hr 2-hr. min. (typically takes 3-4 hrs.)
   Hrs Past Midnight $50/hr for each additional hr
   * Deposits will be returned within 30 days after completion of the event and fulfillment of all requirements listed in the rental agreement.



Renting the Kitchen
Floral Valley has a kitchen facility designed for the preparation of large dinners
with lots of counter space, deep fryer, commercial-size refrigerator, ovens, microwave, commercial dishwasher, ice maker, and steam table. If renting Floral Valley for an event, rental for use of the kitchen is an additional cost.

Small Meeting Room Rates
This area may be rented by property and non-property owners for profit or non-profit use. It is rented in 4-hour increments (or 8 hours for double the cost), as long as it does not conflict with a rental in the large banquet area.

  RATES     Additional Info.
*Renter may choose 8 hours (for double the cost) during regular hours the facility is open as long as it does not conflict with a rental in the large banquet area on the same day.
*Can only schedule this 60 days in advance or less. Set-up and clean-up must be done in rented time. Rental is restricted to small room only - no kitchen.

Once you agree to the terms and your form is submitted, a representative from the Administration Office will contact you about availability and payment options. Keep in mind, we must verify the date you requested is, in fact, available and will be handled in the order in which received. The calendar below indicates RENTALS that have been verified.