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Unacceptable Trash Items

Howard Township provides a dumpster for Howard Township residents during the 1st Saturdays of the month (April through October). IF IT IS NOT LISTED BELOW, THEY WILL ACCEPT IT.

Time: 8 AM - 12 PM. Only $1.00 per bag. More if bulk load.
Location: Township Garage, 12381 Cotton St. Howard, Ohio

NO Hazardous or Toxic Waste
NO Asbestos or Material Containing Asbestos
NO Lead Acid Batteries, Oil or Auto Parts
NO Infectious or Bio-Hazardous Waste
NO Steel Drums
NO Ashes
NO Dead Animals
NO Liquids
NO Tires
NO Yard Waste
NO CFC (Freon) Bearing Appliances —(refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers & humidifiers)