Apple Valley Singers

If you enjoy using your musical and creative talents, then this is the club for you! We entertain the Apple Valley community and outreach to nursing homes. We perform 2 summer shows and 1 Christmas show at Floral Valley, 9 performances a year at nursing homes, and participate in Apple Valley's Veteran's Day Program annually.

Typically meet every Tuesday at 6:45 PM at Floral Valley (unless otherwise noted in the Cider Press).

If you are interested in joining, contact:
Cherrie Dole

Stew Peckham



Club's Purpose:  Clubs within Apple Valley may be organized by Property Owners for the interests and enjoyment of those Property Owners who wish to become members or participants.  Clubs who wish to be covered under AVPOA liability insurance, thus becoming an AVPOA sanctioned club, MUST comply with the club rules.  Any club formed within Apple Valley which does not conform to the state rules, WILL NOT become sanctioned and thus not covered by AVPOA insurance protection.

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