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Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance
Apple Valley roads are maintained by the Townships and Knox County.

Sections of road taken care of by Knox Co. Highway Dept. are:
• Monroe Mills Road (#3)

• Apple Valley Drive (#4)
• Apple Valley Blvd. (#4A)
• North Ridge Heights Drive (Danville-Amity Rd. to Apple Valley Dr. - #84)
• Valley Ridge Drive (#90)
• Cornish Road (Apple Valley Dr. to Magers Rd. - #91)
• Lakeview Heights Drive (Monroe Mills to Apple Valley Dr - #93)
• Magers Road (#94)
• King Road (#95)
• Floralwood Drive (Monroe Mills to Apple Valley Dr. - #97)

Sections of road taken care of by Brown Township are:
• Crestrose Circle, Crestrose Court, and parts of Crestrose Drive

• Crest Ridge Drive and Crest Ridge Court
• Crestmonte Drive and parts of North Ridge Heights Drive
• Grand Valley Road, Grand Valley Drive
• Terrance Ridge Drive, Terrance Ridge Circle, and Terrace Wood Court

All other roads not listed above are maintained by Howard Township.
Calls should be directed to the following Township Trustees listed below.

How are roads funded?
Apple Valley Drive, as well as all roads leading into Apple Valley are maintained and paid for by Knox County. This is funded, not by tax dollars, but instead what is called license fees and gas tax. The bridge on Magers Road is also the maintained by the county. The Ohio Senate voted in favor of a proposal to increase the state's gas tax by 6 cents a gallon on July 2019, bring the tax to $0.385/gallon of gasoline.

The resurfacing of the north section of Apple Valley Drive (5.8 miles) is estimated to cost $1.4 million.
If this project were to get approved and money is awarded in 2020, the project would begin after July 1st due to the State's fiscal year. If funding is not approved by the OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission) the project is expected to be pushed back one year. Knox County Engineer, Cameron Keaton, expects to find out if OPWC will fund the project by April or May of this year.

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