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Beaches Open
Update as of 5/23/20:  11:20 AM
Great news! At 10:30 am the local health department informed us that we can re-open our beaches. We are currently cleaning the beaches and will be prepared to open them at 1 pm today. Please keep in mind to continue social distancing and only gather in groups of 10 or less.

Moving Forward

Update as of 5/21/20: 1:30 PM
CoViD-19 has taken its toll on all of us causing much loss with respect to different facets in each of our lives. The daily roller coast ride of announcements, guidelines, and how those are perceived has been nothing less than exhausting for everyone. We want nothing more than to return to our previous reality and more importantly work towards that goal as an association. While CoVID-19 remains highly contagious and AVPOA is working to create a clean environment, there are still risks involved in using our facilities and coming into contact with other members.

Things may be different as we meet different challenges moving forward, but we must remain hopeful. The following is what we know today (May 21), according to guidelines based on facilities and functions. Postings on social media may not be accurate or represent the most recent changes. We encourage you to go directly to our website ( for updates as information may change.

Plans for Lake and Beaches/Beach Facilities:
The lake is currently open for boating as well as beaches. Shelter reservations are still on hold.
AVPOA will establish an opening date once guidelines have been released. The South and East boat launches are open and have available porta johns for use. Please continue to practice social distancing.

Plans to Open Campers Village May 23
The Campgrounds will open Saturday, May 23 at 8:00 AM for monthly and daily sites on a first-come, first-serve basis and the following additional rules will apply:

   1. All the following are closed: areas where people could potentially congregate, pavilions, playgrounds, and basketball
   2. Only one family household may occupy each site, with no more than 10 from a single household. Use social distancing and maintain at least six feet between individuals from other households in all areas of the campgrounds and with other campsites. Do not gather in groups. Practice self-contained camping when possible
   3. No guests are permitted
   4. Additional guidelines may be posted at the facility

Plans to Open Outdoor Pool May 29

There will be an established capacity posted that limits the total number for members and guests at a time and the following additional rules will apply:

   1. Members will need to bring their own chairs
   2. No shared objects including goggles, nose clips, and snorkels
   3. Remain at least 6 feet apart from others.
   4. No swimming or gathering in groups of more than 10
   5. Some Lockers with be disabled 
   6. Additional guidelines may be posted at the facility

Plans to Open Fitness Center June 1
   1. Social distancing is required; therefore, some equipment may not be available for use
   2. Members will be required to disinfect equipment before and after each use
   3. When showers are used each member is required to disinfect before and after use
   4. No guests are permitted
   5. Additional guidelines may be posted at the facility

Plans to Open Indoor Pool June 1

Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM for fitness members only. The indoor pool will be open during inclement weather when the outdoor pool is closed. Again, the following additional rules will apply:

   1. There will an established capacity posted that may limit the total number for members and guests at a time
   2. No shared objects including goggles, nose clips, and snorkels.
   3. Remain at least 6 feet apart from others.
   4. No swimming or gathering in groups of more than 10
   5. Some Lockers with be disabled.
   6. Additional guidelines may be posted at the facility

Pickleball will be permitted to start at Floral Valley June 1 with the following additional rules:

   1. No guests are permitted
   2. Play is limited to 12 with a maximum of 8 spectators.
   3. Maintain social distancing
   4. Additional guidelines may be posted at the facility

Moving forward, fitness classes and swim lessons are canceled.
No start date for committees and all other clubs have been established for utilizing AVPOA facilities 

July 4th Fireworks
They will be held on Saturday, July 4th beginning around 10 PM.

   1. No special events
   2. AVPOA encourage to celebrate with family in small groups 
   3. There will be no cruise-in planned by AVPOA

Admin. Office
Campers Village
Road Closures

• The Administration Office is open (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM), Monday-Friday.
• The Marina is also open (click here for hours).
• Floral Valley and the Clubhouse will remain closed other than what is stated above.

Road Closure Notification:
• Culvert Project 

Updated 5/20/20: 3:00 PM
Intersection of West Highland Dr. (nearest Address South of Closure: West Highland Dr. and nearest Address North of Closure: 3119 Apple Valley Dr.)  will be closed for culvert replacement May 21 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

• Waterline Project for Apple Valley Drive scheduled June 1-5.
Updated 5/19/20: 11:30 AM
The Knox County Water and Wastewater Department will begin replacing the main waterline in the area of Apple Valley Drive between the South end of Kingsway Circle and the North end of King Beach Drive. During this time, Apple Valley Drive will be closed to all traffic.

UPDATE: Memorial Day Garage Sales (May 22 and May 23)
    AVPOA will not be coordinating** an organized weekend sale as we have in the past, HOWEVER, if you still wish to have your garage sale, you may do so using "GARAGE SALE GUIDELINES" provided here.
We have created an online list that registered members of the website can post "When, Where, and by Who" free on the Garage Sales webpage provided for the public to view.
Note: In order to post your garage sale, you must be a registered member of the website.

** We will not be advertising in the Mount Vernon News, producing a list or providing maps.
If you need a road map of Apple Valley to print for yourself, click here.

Informative Links:

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Property owners that register will have access to additional information, weekly "What's Happening" emails and special notices.