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Club House


3725 Apple Valley Dr., Howard, OH 43028
(Fitness Membership required)

The Club House is a two-story building (6,432 sq. ft.) and is home to the outdoor pool, fitness center and tennis courts.

The upper level includes a kitchen, private restroom, lounge/meeting area with a fireplace, cable television, as well as tables and chairs. There is a large covered deck overlooking the outdoor pool.

The lower level houses a fitness center, mens and women's changing rooms, restrooms, and showers.

Here you can:

  • Workout at the fitness center
    (4:30 am - 11:00 pm)
  • Use the outdoor pool
  • Rent the upper level (property owners only)
Directions: From the front entrance, turn right on Apple Valley Drive and continue approximately 1.5 miles. You will see a Club House sign and driveway on your left.
Property Owners may bring a guest to the outdoor pool (up to 6 guests) and the fitness center (up to 2 guests) for a small fee).