Arch. Forms & Fees

As of March 1, 2023

A Form 100 must be filled out and submitted for approval. Certificates of Approval are required to do any work to the outside of your home.

Form 100s
Please select your township:    
Howard Township   Brown Township
New Build
House of above grade living space, with or without garage and addittition with new living space.   $1.10/sq. ft + bond
    $5,000 value compliance bond
Fill out the appropriate Apple Valley Form 100 by selecting the township you are in above. These will include the required township documents.    
Other steps required to build a new home in Knox Co.    
Garage built after original house construction.
No Maximum on square footage fee
  $1.10/sq. ft +
    $5,000 value compliance bond
Amenities including, but not limited to, fence, shed/boathouse, gazebo, dock, deck, seawall, in-ground pool, retaining wall (taller than 2 ft.), pet enclosure, etc.   $100 permit fee + deposit
    $100 deposit
Certificates of Approval    
Certificates of Approval for the following must also be obtained but have no fee:
Repair & Replace for minor repairs to the exterior of existing structures with no change in dimensions to original. Form 100 must be completed.    No Charge
Landscaping/Decorative Fence (taller than 2') or Garden Enclosure    
Trees desired for cutting must be marked for approval. See Bylaw 17.4 for restrictions for cutting trees.    $10.00
Architectural Reports    
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Other Fees

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