As of March 1, 2022

Maintenance Assessment
Annual Mandatory Assessment
  $238.00 /lot
* Additional Major Repair Assessment    $ 83.00 /Owner
Credit Card Surcharge Fee/ Assessment   $  7.50 /lot
Co-owner Fee   $238.00 /co-owner
Renters Fee   $400.00 /yr
Guest Fee   $2.00 /guest
Dependent Cards   $10.00 ea.
Access Cards   $15.00 /person* 
     *One-time fee if not lost or damaged.

Deed Transfers
Deed Transfer Fee   $250.00 /deed**
     **More than one lot can be listed on the deed.

Boat Decals    
Powered   $55.00 /decal
Non-Powered   $25.00 /decal
Guest Boat Pass***   $55.00 /decal
***Only for property owners without a registered powered or non-powered boat. 2 per year, good for 7 consecutive days.
No personal watercrafts, such as jet skis, waverunners, etc.
Fitness Membership
Club House Fitness Center with early access to indoor pool through the week. (April 1-March 31)
Individual Membership   $75.00 + card/person
Family Membership   $175.00 + card/person
Family Passes
Renters are not eligible for Family Passes.
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Short-Term   with Fitness Membership
3 Day $15.00     $25.00
7 Day $35.00     $45.00
30 Day $75.00     $85.00
60 Day $100.00     $135.00
Long-Term   with Fitness Membership
90 Day* $150.00**     $200.00**
365 Day+ $320.00**     $385.00**
*Long-Term passes allow family members to bring their own guests subject to the limits of guests per facility.
** Additional charge for access card per person. See "Access Card" listed above.

Other Fees

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