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As of March 1, 2019

Annual Maintenance Assessment
Co-owner Fee   $221.00/co-owner
Renters Fee   $380.00/yr.
Guest Fees   $2.00/guest
Dependent Cards   $10.00 ea.
Membership Deed Transfer Fee   $150.00/deed*
*More than one lot can be listed on the deed.
Family Passes  Renters are not eligible for Family Passes.
Short-Term with Fitness Membership
3 Day $15.00 $25.00
7 Day $35.00 $45.00
30 Day $75.00 $85.00
60 Day $100.00 $135.00
Long-Term   with Fitness Membership
90 Day $150.00 $200.00
365 Day $320.00 $385.00
Long-Term passes allow family members to bring their own guests subject to the limits of guests per facility.


Fitness Membership  *(April 1-March 31)   $65.00/yr* (+access card)
Club House fitness center & early access to indoor pool (through the week).
  $150.00/yr* (Family)
(Family= 3>persons; +access card/person)

Access Card   $15.00/person
(One-time fee if not lost or damaged. Those already holding an access card will only need to pay the membership fee.) 
Instructor Led Fitness Classes
Click here for calendar

$50.00/yr. or $5.00/class

(This is separate from the Fitness Membership and classes are held in the upper level of the Club House.)
Boats Decals   $50.00 (powered)
$20.00 (non-powered)
$50.00 (guest boat)
Architectural Fees    See pg. Sec.6-4    
Facility Rental Fees
Camper Village Fees    
Marina Fees
Marina Docking Fee   $400.00 + $50.00 (decal)
Marina Tie-Up Fee   $225.00 + $50.00 (decal)
Winterization, De-Winterization, Annual Inspections, Detailing, and Shrink Wrapping services also available. Please call 740-397-4508 for more details.
Inside Storage (less than 22')   $375.00
Inside Storage (more than 22.01")   $475.00
Outside Storage   $160.00
BOAT RENTALS  Deposits and Cancellation Notices
Deposit is due upon reserving rental. The required cancellation notice is required to refund your deposit.
Non Holidays: 24 hr. cancellation notice   $50.00
Holidays: 7 day cancellation notice   $100.00
Boat Rental Rates
Rentals to members in good standing only. Additional $20.00 fee for walk-ins.
Gasoline used will be additional to rates below

Tubes   $50.00/day
Pontoon Boat (10 person max)   $50.00 (1 hour)
    $200.00 (4 hours)
    $350.00 (all day-back by close)
    (overnight-back by 8 am) + $150.00
    $800.00 (3 day)
    $900.00 (5 day)
    $1,000.00 (7 day)
Tritoon Pontoon (12 person max)   $100.00 (1 hour)
    $300.00 (4 hours)
    $550.00 (all day-back by close)
    (overnight-back by 8 am) + $250.00
    $1,500.00 (3 day)
    $1,700.00 (5 day)
    $2,200.00 (7 day)
Damage and/or security deposit is required in cash or credit card plus valid driver's license. Damage to rental boats and equipment (including propellers) is the customer's responsibility to pay for. Must be 21 or over to rent a boat with a motor.