Campers Village Fees

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As of March 1, 2023

Property Owners
Yearly   $1,200.00 +elec
Monthly   (30 amp)   $250.00 +elec
Monthly   (50 amp)   $280.00 +elec
Daily   (30 amp)   $15.00 +elec
Daily   (50 amp)   $17.00 +elec
Member Guests Camping    
Monthly  (30 amp)   $280.00 +elec
Monthly  (50 amp)   $305.00 +elec
Daily  (30 amp)   $17.00 +elec
Daily  (50 amp)   $19.00 +elec
Registering Guests and Family: If you have family members or guests camping, the property owner must stop at the Campers Village Office to show AVPOA ID and sign a form for their guests. The office is located as you enter the village. *Guests may accompany members to the amenities and pay a guest fee if it applies. Family members that qualify to purchase a "Family Pass" may do so. Click here for more information.
*Note: Guests do not have access to other facilities/amenities without a property owner. If visiting amenities outside the campgrounds a property owner is required to be with them at all times and must leave when the property owner leaves. (Campers Village Rule V. Security-B.)  Click here to see full list of Campers Village Rules.
Primitive Camping
Property Owners    
Monthly   $125.00 /unit/mo
Daily   $9.00 /unit/day
Member Guests Camping    
Monthly   $135.00 /unit/mo
Daily   $10.00 /unit/day
Misc. Fees
Seasonal Lawn Care   $75.00 /season
Additional People over 6 /unit   $2.00 /person
Camper Relocation (one way)   $65.00/man hr.
Large Equipment Fee (one way) additional   $35.00
Camper Storage
Annual Storage
Seasonal Storage (Apr-Oct 31)   $210.00
Winter Storage (Nov 1-Apr)   $210.00
Monthly Storage
  $40.00 /mo
Daily Storage   $5.00 /day
Boat/Trailer Storage
Seasonal Storage (Apr-Oct 31)   $210.00
Monthly Storage
  $40.00 /mo
Daily Storage   $5.00 /day
*Note: Boats and boat trailers must be taken at the end of the season (October 31 of each year).

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